No matter how events are unfolding, Mobius-grouppe always transports chemicals, foods, gas and petroleum products, in safety and with the maximum effectiveness, to the required point of destination in special containers suitable for that purpose, such as tank containers, semi-trailers, flexitanks and IBCs. Over 115 representative offices of our company worldwide ensure uninterruptible transportation service, offering optimal container type depending on every customer’s specifications.

Tank containers

Tank containers. Mobius-grouppe has own tank containers of various shape and volume, serving various purposes to meet requirements of our customers to the maximum possible extent. At our company, tank containers undergo thorough inspection, and therefore, we always make sure that all required certificates are available and that every tank container is certified. Our company also does R&D in chemistry, developing innovative technologies of hot and cold insulation, intelligent, energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly heating systems, pumps and lined reservoirs. For foods, we use special equipment only, such as refrigerating containers with built-in refrigeration and heating systems, containers with partitions, multi-chamber containers for transportation of small quantities, and tank containers for kosher foods.
In addition to cryogenic containers and T75 containers for IMO 7 products (liquefied cryogenic gases), Mobius-grouppe has liquefied gas containers and T50 containers for IMO 5 products (pressurized liquefied gases).


IBCs. An intermediate bulk container (IBC) is something in-between a drum and a tanker, representing an ideal reservoir for transportation of liquid cargoes. The range of Mobius-grouppe’s IBC services includes fleet management, tank rental, transportation, cleaning, maintenance and repair.


Mobius-grouppe can provide any of the aforementioned services either separately or in any combination, using its extensive European network to ensure quality and reliability of its services. Our company’s container fleet consists mostly of standard IBCs, but also includes sufficient number of small-size containers.


Our IBCs have the volume from 500 to 1100 liters, are made from stainless steel of various grades, and come with the obligatory clearance to carry dangerous goods.


Flexitanks. A flexitank is a safe and inexpensive alternative for transportation of voluminous liquids, such as food, coming in the volumes ranging from 16 to 24 m3. Comparing to IBCs or drums, they help substantially save on space when delivering a cargo.

Today’s generation of flexitanks comes with dual-wall partitions and in an improved shape, reducing pressure on the door, allowing for easier and safer installation of a flexitank and making it more durable in general. Mobius-grouppe offers a fully computerized high-definition image of flexitank loading and unloading operations. We guarantee that regardless of the volume and quantity of your cargo, quality and reliable technical assistance will be rendered at any time convenient for you.