An intermediate bulk container (IBC) is an optimal solution when you need to replace a drum or tanker to transport liquid cargoes. The range of Mobius-grouppe’s IBC services includes fleet management, tank rental, transportation, cleaning, maintenance and repair. Mobius-grouppe can provide any of the aforementioned services separately or combine them into a package of two or more services provided simultaneously, delivering these services on the basis of its extensive European branch network, comprehensive communication systems and efficient infrastructure. Our company’s fleet consists mostly of standard IBCs, but also includes nonstandard containers, thus allowing for flexibility and diversity of services we can provide on any terms. Our IBCs have the volume from 500 to 1100 liters, are made from stainless steel of various grades, and come with the clearance to carry dangerous goods.

Fleet management

Fleet management. Mobius-grouppe is renowned for quality and reliability when undertaking operational and strategic management of containers, which includes stock management, demand analysis, control, monitoring and technical management. ITs help receive graphic image of container stock and product flows in existing supply chains, regardless of whether it takes place within the same boundary or outside corporate boundaries, while offering clear advantages to our customers:

  • Reduction of downtime
  • Overview of IBC locations
  • Fleet size optimization
  • Increased flexibility


Rental. For Mobius-grouppe, it is very important to develop, first of all, technical characteristics of the IBC fleet required to meet various needs of our customers in transportation and storage of various-type goods. Our company has IBCs of various types, made from stainless steel and equipped with all the necessary accessories. Our company also offers small heatable containers and aseptic IBCs for storage and transportation of sensitive products containing small quantities of microorganisms.

  • Rental of various-type IBCs and pressurized mini tanks
  • Various rental periods: from several days to several years
  • Clearance to transport dangerous cargoes
  • Volumes from 500 to 1100 liters
  • Various stainless steel grades
  • Agitators as an additional equipment


Transportation. In IBC transportation of especially sensitive products worth, in most cases, their weight in gold, a lot depends on the quality and care of handling during loading and offloading of these products. Mobius-grouppe maintains the highest level of standards, and is able to use know-how it its activity, which stimulates us to further improve our services. The most important objective is the complete control over containers to maintain optimal conditions for all flows, based on demand for these services. For that purpose, we devote principal attention to making logistics the most effective.

  • Servicing the entire Europe
  • Competitive chartering rates
  • Reverse logistics
  • Reliable performance


Cleaning. IBCs are cleaned according to the standards applicable to products transported in those containers. Certified SQAS cleaning stations across Europe and professionally-trained personnel ensure strict compliance with health standards and fully guarantee that all containers they service come out absolutely clean. Mobius-grouppe has facilities to clean own IBCs and containers of our customers.

  • Special cleaning, including all applicable certificates
  • The same cleaning standards
  • Sterility tests performed upon request
  • Environmentally clean utilization of product residue

Maintenance & repair

Maintenance and repair. Mobius-grouppe boasts a very extensive network of maintenance stations sprawling across Europe. Our company’s warehouses operate in accordance with all legislative requirements and regulations of authorities responsible for approval of IBCs, while offering the highest quality of our services. Similar services are offered for containers of our customers.

  • Regular inspections required by law
  • Testing electric elements to prevent accidents
  • Onsite and in-warehouse technical support
  • IBC servicing and modification