Mobius-grouppe devotes substantial attention to environmental protection and safety. All safety, environmental and health aspects at our company are handled by the SHEQ system, designed to minimize the number of accidents involving bodily injuries and eliminate adverse environmental impact of our company’s operations by taking professional and competent measures. Mobius-grouppe has the rule reflecting our desire to achieve the maximum effectiveness and labor productivity.

Safety in many ways

Mobius-grouppe has proved itself as a very reliable carrier of especially dangerous goods. Our goal is to guarantee transportation safety under any circumstances and create safe conditions for personnel and services we provide; we also monitor the quality of our services to make sure that it always remains high. Mobius-grouppe does not stay content with past achievements, striving to improve its performance via continuous training of our personnel. Mobius-grouppe has a functional system of achieving high productivity standards, SHEQ.* Mobius-grouppe abides by all SHEQ principles, such as:

  • ensuring safety of our personnel, customers, partners and, if necessary, the broad public;
  • minimizing impact on the environment, our facilities and others;
  • completely fulfilling and, if possible, overfulfilling our obligations to customers;
  • assessing risks and doing everything possible to prevent and minimize the consequences of these risks;
  • investigating all (without exception) accidents at our company that involve personnel;
  • striving for the maximum effectiveness and efficiency
  • cooperating with other companies and actively exchanging experience, organizing training and trying to jointly solve all problems;
  • making obligatory investments in personnel, systems, training, infrastructure and equipment to ensure safety of our business;
  • encouraging personnel to observe SHEQ principles.

In addition, SHEQ system includes additional standards and guidelines for compliance with ISO 14001, HACCP and GMP (for food and feed) and individual customer requirements. Our company has on its staff many SHEQ experts who facilitate the company’s operations in Europe, and the personnel carrying dangerous cargoes are members of our team of experts.
Mobius-grouppe does not stay still, striving for development and new achievements in various areas of our services, such as, for example, healthcare, security, environmental safety and customer service. Mobius-grouppe’s success is based on continuous investments in specific-purpose training programs. To integrate SHEQ ideas in Mobius-grouppe’s business even deeper, we have decided to organize the Employee of the Year contest around Europe, holding it once every two years.