Family company Mobius-Grouppe was founded in 2017. We use a modern approach to work, considering all the current trends in the logistics market. We have been looking for new methods for solving various tasks that contribute to long-term cooperation and the highest quality of work since the moment of our foundation. Thanks to a special approach to the requirements of customers and the speed of execution of various tasks Mobius-Grouppe company has become one of the leaders in the international market. Despite the fact that the company was founded not much time ago, we have already managed to gain all the necessary experience for the provision of quality services.


The rapid development of the company became possible because of the correct distribution of the personnel workload and a great deal of attention to the environmental conditions. Both principles are realized with considering interests of our customers the main value. That is why many customers do not feel confused about the company’s foundation date, as we have proven ourselves in the best way in the international market and have rapidly risen to the top of the list of leaders. The peculiarities of our administration allow our customers to set us several tasks at once, and we are always ready to fulfill them in terms that are convenient for our partners. This is what distinguishes Mobius-Grouppe from many other competitors including those with big names. Moreover, all the customers and partners with whom we began to cooperate at the very beginning are still loyal to our company and are ready for long-term cooperation.

Customers always become convinced of our reliability at the first order, considering the fact that we reduce the risks of unpleasant incidents during the transportation of freight by both land and water transport. In addition to this, the speed of our transportation has always been faster than that of many competitors and this high the speed in no way affects the quality of transportation and the safety of the goods being transported. Mobius-Grouppe can provide safety while delivering absolutely any kind of freight – from food products to chemicals that need special conditions of storage and transportation. For chemicals and other dangerous cargo we have tanks and containers that help to avoid leakage or any other unpleasant incidents. Since the very moment of our foundation, the company has had its own warehouses and workshops and we are fully responsible for the quality of their work. Finally, the distinctive feature of Mobius-Grouppe is the high professionalism of each employee, which greatly improves the quality and speed of all services provided.