The main goal of the executive director is not only to fulfil all his duties professionally, but also to provide workplaces and conditions for transportation in the most effective way, that includes transportation of such cargo as chemicals and other dangerous substances. Moreover, the executive director together with the head of the finance department is responsible for the further development strategy of Mobius-Grouppe. All activities are aimed at expanding the company and improving the quality of services provided, including such items as multitasking and stabilization on the international market in the nearest future. In this regard, work is underway and recent trends, including analysis of all the strengths and weaknesses of competing companies, are thoroughly analyzed. In addition, the board is always ready to accept any proposals made by shareholders, since the participation of shareholders in the life of the company is one of the distinguishing features of Mobius-Grouppe.

Speaking about interaction with clients, the position that puts the interests of partners and customers first was chosen from the very beginning while reliability and quality of work are the strong suit of the company, which is obviously the merit of the general and financial directors. A well-thought-out strategy allows the company to make prices more flexible and focus on specific segments and industries taking into consideration our customers’ fields of activity. The Executive Council continues to work, trying to gain momentum again and again. First of all, Mobius-Grouppe is aimed at long-term cooperation with partners.

Since the very moment of Mobius-Grouppe’s foundation, it was decided that only specialists would be recruited to the company, both to the management department and to the order execution department, amateurs were eliminated from the very beginning. That is why at the moment Mobius-Grouppe is the record holder not only in speed, but also in the reliability of delivery conditions. Specialization in all types of cargo allowed the family company to gain momentum immediately, as the range of services offered, even at the initial stage, was much higher than that of many companies with a long history. This allowed the CFO and the entire financial department to make significant profit in a relatively short time, taking into account costs of tanks and containers for the transportation of a special cargo. A competent selection of management and executive personnel allowed us to make the most reasonable solutions for the development of the company and the fulfillment of necessary tasks.