The Advisory Council of the Mobius-Grouppe consists of five highly qualified specialists with colossal experience. By the time of the company’s foundation, they already had all the necessary knowledge and skills, which allowed Mobius-Grouppe to become one of the leaders in such short terms. The Council is a completely independent body, that allows solving all the issues much faster, without superfluous coordination with anyone from outside, taking into account all the interests and proposals of the customer. Each member has established himself in the international market as a high-level professional. Our team has the flexibility to consult and negotiate contracts with customers, the members of the council are always ready to meet and reconsider any issue of concern to the partner, and, if necessary, change all possible conditions of transportation and the timing of the order. Each month, the council holds meetings at which issues are discussed to improve the performance of the service and fulfill all planned tasks for the previous period.

Mobius-Grouppe is distinguished by the fact that all problems are resolved as soon as they arise, however, this does not affect the delivery process in any way, all work continues in the standard operating mode, thanks to the competence of the specialists. Individual issues are resolved at personal meeting with customers. We are ready to work with partners who previously had no experience in this field. Mobius-Grouppe provides competent and detailed advice for all customers who are interested in details and specific nuances about certain aspects of cargo transportation, both concerning the cargo itself and the type of transport to which this cargo will be delivered. At the same time, we are ready to provide all the information the customer is interested in in order to confirm the reliability of the company.

Before the foundation of Mobius-Grouppe each of the members of the Advisory Board had gained solid experience working in other companies, that are also highly ranked in the list of the world leaders in logistics and related services. That’s why, when contacting Mobius-Grouppe, you will get not only high-quality execution of cargo transportation, but also competent advice from highly qualified professionals. The board includes both members of the Mobius-Grouppe family and third-party specialists who have proven themselves in the best possible way by using only innovative methods and means to solve modern problems.