Mobius-grouppe has proved itself in the best light in the market, always complying to the letter with very strict health standards and requirements when transporting high-quality liquid foods, starting from the loading and ending with the complete offloading of foods. Since Mobius-grouppe boasts huge experience in transportation of liquid foods while adhering to all requirements to food transportation operations, it helped our company become one of the leaders, or perhaps even the number one among the companies offering food logistics solutions for manufacturing and trade industries. What distinguishes our company among the competitors is the existence of Foodlog department responsible for development of logistics service concepts.

This department enjoys success and popularity among our clientele, representing (in their opinion) a very good area of business. As for Mobius-grouppe truck fleet, we can tell with utmost confidence that this area is one of the most advanced at our company and a standard-bearer for the competitors, for it follows all contemporary trends and meets all possible requirements existing today. The truck fleet’s personnel are very skilled and bear full responsibility for the job they do, and therefore, the services they provide are notable for the quality and reliability, and guarantee uninterruptible handling of cargoes, both road-transported and intermodal.

Thanks to its knowledge of foods accumulated over many years in transportation business and state-of-the-art equipment, Mobius-grouppe offers truly advantageous and high-quality transportation containers for any foods. The Foodlog fleet features various tank semi-trailers, tank containers, flexitanks and IBCs. Since Mobius-grouppe uses various modes of transport (sea, rail and road) to carry foods, it has earned reputation of a company capable of handling any transportation orders, assuring the customers of quality and reliable delivery of their cargoes. Decades of experience in transportation business are the best guarantee that food cargoes of every customer will be in the hands of a reliable carrier.