Supply Chain Solutions (SCS) handles all logistics processes on and outside business premises, while developing optimal logistics solutions. SCS services include:

  • Onsite logistics
  • Filling and blending
  • Intermodal terminal operations
  • Dangerous goods terminal operations
  • Dry-bulk logistics
  • Project development

Mobius-grouppe has an extensive network of logistics centers across Europe. Over 450 SCS personnel boasting unique knowledge and skills devote utmost attention to safety aspects, ensuring uninterruptible operation of the entire logistics chain.
Mobius-grouppe is the one and only provider of logistics services in chemical industry, offering and combining various services in this sphere to ensure quality and reliable fulfilment of customer orders.
Mobius-grouppe provides logistics infrastructure to its customers, based on their needs. As a customer, you will receive a huge range of services helping us find logistics processes and devise individual approach to your requirements.

On-site logistics

Onsite logistics. Mobius-grouppe integrates its logistics personnel into your business processes to handle logistics at your end. The purpose of this integration is to optimize your supply costs and improve quality of your logistics.

  • Customized onsite logistics concepts
  • Cost transparency
  • Know-how of continuously trained personnel
  • Using synergism
  • Complete integration into customer company’s logistics

Filling and blending services

Filling and blending. Mobius-grouppe sorts and packages all liquid chemicals into its semiautomatic filling stations. If desired, Mobius-grouppe can pick up materials right at the production site for subsequent transportation or distribution.

  • Highly sophisticated safety culture
  • State-of-the-art filling stations
  • Comprehensive expert knowledge
  • “One-to-one shopping” reduces interface risks

Intermodal terminal operations

Intermodal terminal operations. Mobius-grouppe continuously invests in expansion of intermodal terminal operations, and is very thorough when it comes to expansion of its already-extensive European network. Mobius-grouppe has an own large plant in Germany, and spares no efforts to increase the number of intermodal terminals across Europe.

  • Short processing time
  • Advanced information systems
  • Large transloading facilities
  • Flexible flows of goods
  • Onsite repairs
  • Protection of cold chain

Dangerous goods terminal operations

Dangerous goods terminal operations. Mobius-grouppe has state-of-the-art terminals capable of transloading, storing and managing various dangerous goods in complete safety. Thanks to innovative storage and processing technologies, your products will be available at any time you need them.

  • Highest safety and security standards
  • Advanced data storage management systems
  • Related services: weighting, cleaning and handling

Dry-bulk logistics

Dry-bulk logistics. Mobius-grouppe offers every customer individualized logistics concepts for cargoes like silage. It means bulk loading (including in various containers), storage, processing, shipment and protection of cargoes, including handling.

  • Continuous availability
  • Fast dispatch of trucked cargoes
  • Overview of comprehensive costs
  • Processing by logistics specialists

Project development

Project development. Mobius-grouppe offers development and planning of your global logistics based on your data. It may feature both new logistics facilities (which include related assets) and processes and authorizations for your subsequent own use.

  • Individual logistics solutions
  • Competence gained after successfully completing a large number of projects
  • Using time-tested calculation instruments
  • Providing logistics infrastructure