Mobius-Grouppe company has created its own fund to help needy people. This idea was very warmly accepted both by the founders of the company and by the personnel, including shareholders. Since its foundation, Mobius-Grouppe has helped dozens of elderly people and children with incurable and serious diseases. As the company develops, a broad campaign will be performed to help the poor and all the needy. Moreover, the Foundation’s ambition is culture and art promotion so we organize exhibitions of unknown but talented artists. The opening of the fund was only the first step to expand the sphere of influence of the company, and by executing these tasks gradually, we guarantee the absolute fulfillment of each of the items.

The purpose of creating the fund was the desire to pay our debt to the society that helped greatly in the development of our Mobius-Grouppe company, at the initial stage the support of shareholders and the company’s first clients was incredibly important for us. Today, we have strengthened our positions solely through joint efforts and diligence. Now we are engaged in the support of conservatories, colleges and all youth other institutions aimed at obtaining education in the field of art. Moreover, the fund is providing social assistance for the elderly and people with various disabilities, this aspect distinguishes us from most companies with a loud name and an extensive history.

The work of our fund doesn’t depend on changes in the market of services that we provide, difficulties and a change of trends does not affect our work and functionality of the fund. A characteristic feature of the Mobius-Grouppe fund is also the interaction with other funds that work in the same spheres. In the future, we consider the possibility of merging several funds to expand the impact on the world level. A super task in this direction is the opportunity to help all needy people and organizations around the world. Most funds and organizations are already ready to cooperate with Mobius-Grouppe. The company thoroughly keeps a record of all enrollments and donations, thanks to which the fact of fraud tends to zero. Based on the latest forecasts, Mobius-Grouppe can become an absolute leader not only in the field of logistics, but also in the field of philanthropy, considering all possible mergers and acquisitions of other funds on mutually beneficial terms.