Mobius-grouppe’s Chemilog department offers chemical product shipment services by devising and overseeing logistics and transportation of these chemicals, both safe and extremely hazardous, to the points of destination in many countries of Europe and the world. Mobius-grouppe always creates special conditions for its customers, offering the most optimal and advantageous solutions.

Besides transportation services, Chemilog offers logistics solutions for chemical industry regardless of the product quality: whether you’re shipping a standard dry bulk cargo or high-quality specialized products, the movement of your cargo in transit is strictly controlled from the point of shipment to the point of destination. Almost 40% of cargoes transported by Mobius-grouppe are classified as very dangerous, and because of that, our company handles these cargoes with utmost responsibility and care, strictly adhering to all safety rules.

When doing business anywhere in the world, Mobius-grouppe abides by the following postulates: flexibility, safety, stability and compliance with law. By the way, by switching the majority of its transportation operations from road to rail, our company was able to decrease air pollution by reducing CO2 emissions.